Our Services

USG develops and implements community relations strategies that help build support for private and public entities. We believe that understanding and knowing the heartbeat of diverse communities gives us the necessary advantage in securing public support.

Our approaches to community relations include grassroots education and mobilization efforts that empower communities to participate on behalf of their own interests. We assist our clients in identifying key community leaders, and organizations to strategically develop, and implement outreach plans to achieve our client’s goals and needs. We pride ourselves in incorporating the latest campaign technology and software in all our outreach efforts.

  •  Public meeting logistical planning
  • Meeting facilitation and coordination
  • Identification of stakeholders
  • Translation services
  • Development of project specific messaging/strategic advice
  • Community outreach reporting
  • Consensus and coalition building
  • Construction mitigation outreach
  • Crisis Communication outreach
  • Social media engagement
  • Traditional media engagement
  • Agency coordination
  • Graphic design services
  • Project management
  • Simple public opinion polls
  • Door-to-door noticing
  • Petition circulation
  • Contact database management
  • Website development and management

USG brings practical and technical work experience with various administrative, legislative and regulatory bodies in the State of California. USG advocates on their clients’ behalf to provide effective representation of projects and initiatives that go through a legislative process that is sometimes complex, and unfamiliar to our clients. We understand the intricacies and concerns of the decision-making process, and have experience that allows us to better serve our clients.

  •     Local, state, and federal advocacy of client projects
  •     Identification and education of interested stakeholders
  •     Meeting coordination and facilitation
  •     Development of Public-Private Partnerships
  •    Initiative based advocacy and legislative analysis
  •     Legislation monitoring and reporting
  •     Identification of funding opportunities
  •     Preparation of grant applications

USG brings technical expertise in land use and development before City officials, staff, and departments. USG uses its technical experience to help developers of small and large projects through the entitlement process.

  •     Local, state, and federal advocacy of client projects
  •     Preparation of Master Land Use applications
  •     Forming a consulting team
  •     Coalition Building

USG is a team of extraordinary logistical and event permitting planners that have executed hundreds of events for public entities, private developers, corporations, and major entertainment figures.

  •     Event Permits with various City of Los Angeles Departments
  •     Coordination and logistical planning with project partners
  •     Event calendar tracking and reporting
  •     Site search and reservation
  •     Vendor coordination

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